WALKERS INTERNATIONAL 1986 – 2010 ------Wr.G.Viswanadham (Secretary-General)

Walkers International was established by a great visionary late Wr. Sunkari Alwar Das in the year 1986 with the assistance of Wr. A.S.N. Prasad a great businessman as Secretary General.In the year 1992 late Wr. J.L. Toshniwal of Viziangaram was brought into this fold. He laid firm foundation for this organization during the years 1995 to 1998 by starting several clubs as Vice-President for two years and as President for two years. With the starting of some clubs abroad in the year 1992, this organization became International and this was registered as such at Viziangaram.

In the year 1999 Wr. A.S.N.Prasad till then Secretary General became President and introduced MGFs who contribute Rs.10,000/- to the Walkers Foundation Trust and they were being honoured at the time of convention.

Walkers International Head quarters office was functioning at the residence of the founder. During the year 2001, the founder gave an independent permanent office free of rent, in the IIAM complex and made me Hon. Secretary for five years. The designation was subsequently changed as Secretary General and my tenure was also extended by two years. It was again extended by three more years.

There are 3 Areas, 9 Districts excluding Foreign Clubs and 15 Regions and elections are held every year. There are 589 clubs. Through the goodwill of elders, the elections are smooth except a contest for the post of President in the years 2000 and bi-election in the year 2005. All the Past Presidents are magnanimous and they contributed a lot for the growth of the organization. Every President added numbers to the MGFs. It was during the time of Wr. B.B.Shah as President in the year 2004, 10 MGFs were enrolled. Wr. D.Sitharamaraju, who succeeded him, increased the number to 16. His successor Wr. S. H. Krishna Rao (brother of late Wr.S.Alwar Das) excelled the then Past Presidents in the matter of extension of Cubs, and enrolment of MGFs (26). Wr. K.Ramanandham, who succeeded him enrolled 31 MGFs and made a Century and also opened more than 100 clubs. His successor Dr.Wr.V.Paratpara Rao, an eminent surgeon and a philanthropist enrolled 53 MGFs and one sustaining member. He conducted the convention in a grand manner with utmost economy and gave to Walkers Foundation Trust Rs.70,000/- being the savings in the Walkers International and Walkers convention. He thus deserves the gratitude of Walkers International. The present President Wr. Dr. P.S. Sarma has enrolled 26 MGFs so far. The number of MGFs rose to 228 and the corpus in Fixed Deposits rose to Rs.24,86,986/-and the amount exceeds more than 26 lakhs by the end of this year. The organization is grateful to all those who selflessly worked and brought it to this stage.

During the year 2005 the medallion was changed and nearly Rs.1,000/- is spent in honouring each MGF. Since there is an increase in the number of MGFs and the cost in honouring them, the interest from the Foundation Trust is being utilized from this year onwards.

There is a Council of Past Presidents and as per the recent amendments they are given wide range of powers to guide and control the organization. The Walkers Foundation Trust is manned by Five Trustees with Wr. A. S .N. Prasad, as Managing Trustee.

From this year it was decided to associate one MGF from each area and one Vice-President nominated by the President, Walkers International to make the Walkers Foundation Trust more dynamic.

The Trust Deed of Walkers Foundation Trust was modified with a view to pay interest accrued from the Walkers Foundation Trust to health oriented activities, natural calamites and social services activities by the clubs. During the year 2008 Rs.50,000/- was spent for cyclone relief fund for the victims in the Orissa state. During the year 2009 roughly Rs.25,000/- was spent on Yoga training classes and medical camps conducted by clubs.

During the year 2008 a computer with accessories was added to the headquarters office and internet connection was also given this year.

Wr. Dr. E. Padmanabha Rao, President Walkers International of 2010 is another dynamic person and he hails from Berhempur, Orissa state. He already enrolled 36 MGFs so far and promises to enroll 24 more MGFs this year. He introduced a new policy of helping the family of HIV AID patients and an amount of Rs.50,000/- is earmarked for the same.

2011 is the Silver Jubilee year of Walkers International and the Past Presidents decided that since the International was started from Visakhapatnam the President for this year should be from Visakhapatnam and accordingly Wr. A.H.N. Venkata Rao with a good background in Rotary club, Jaycess International and Y’s Men International is elected for the post. With his background in various social welfare organizations it is hoped that the next year will be a remarkable year in the Walkers International and the number of MGFs may exceed 300.

I am till now acting as Honorary Secretary-General incurring amounts from my own pocket for attending various meetings of the organization. I am grateful to the Founder President and all Past Presidents, who gave me this honour to serve the Walkers International without any selfish motive. With due regards to this organization I became an MGF also.

I wish that more and more dynamic persons will come forward to head this organization and implement innovative schemes and carry forward this organization to greater heights..

Wr.G.Viswanadham, MGF
Date: 05-10-2010