Immediate Past President


Wr. Koduri Ranga Rao hails from a noble and traditional agricultural family. He was born on 09-05-1941 to Late Sri Subbanna and Smt. Papayamma. He is known for his humble nature and dedication. He obtained a Diploma in Fisheries Technology and Navigation from Andhra Polytechnic College, Kakinada and served the Dept. of Fisheries of the State of Andhra Pradesh and contributed so much for the welfare of the fishermen communities and thereby improved their standard of living and development. He then started operating and financing fishing trawlers, sea food trading, cold storages and aquaculture benefiting directly or indirectly the fishermen community and thus regarded as their “BIG BROTHER”.

The quality of service and the concern for the well being of the fellow beings were inherent in Wr. Ranga Rao. He took bold decision to give up his government job and stepped into business. Where he grew gradually developing himself into an institution and emerged as a force that earned reputation of a businessman par excellence. He facilitated the society by creating employment to thousands of people directly or indirectly.

Besides this, following his family tradition Sri Ranga Rao grew as a leading agriculturist by establishing scientific methods in upland area which made him a ‘Role Model’ to the farmers in his neighbourhood. For such inspiring and enthusiastic efforts in the promotion of agriculture, he was honoured with the “UTTAMA KARSHAK” award by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. He still toils in cultivation and encourages his fellow farmers.

Wr. Ranga Rao, by virtue of his hard work scaled enviable heights in his life, yet one finds him humble, ego-free, soft spoken and friendly. Wr. Ranga Rao’s belief of service through and organization will be more effective then service as an individual, made him to associate with the Lions Clubs International by joining Lions Club of Jaggampeta in 198. He was made the president of the organization during 1998-99 and has earned many accolades like the ‘BEST CLUB’, “BEST PRESIDENT” and “BEST SIGHT FIRST”. Impressed by his able leadership, he was urged to continue his office for the following ear also. The Silver Jubilee year is and important mile stone in the history of that Club. Based on his outstanding performance as the President, Lion P.V. Rama Rao, the then Governor invited Lion Ranga Rao to join his cabinet as Zone Chairman in 1999-2000. Respecting the Governor’s wish he served the District also as ZC during 1999-2000. As the President of the club during the Silver Jubilee year and as ZC in the cabinet of Lion. P.V. Rama Rao, Lion Ranga Rao performed both jobs exceedingly well. For a man of quality, commitment and dedication to Lionistic values and ideals, no wonder, several positions came his way. He held every position, both at the Club and in the District with distinction and received many accolades.

Lion Ranga Rao made liberal donations to eye camps, schools and for the construction of community halls in the District. He distributed uniforms, books, Sports utilities. T.V. Sets and Computers for schools and also for B.C. & S.C. hostels, mikes and allied equipments for holy gatherings and donated for the constructions of Mosques and several other community halls irrespective of caste, creed & religion. He offered a donation of Rs. 10,000/- to 40 clubs for constructing permanent community halls as promised, heightening the image of lionism, as these permanent building (assets) last long and thus help in the improvisation services to the uncared. For his magnanimous and philanthropic service, the Lions club of palasa & kasibugga honoured him with the title “DAANA SIMHA” in 2004-05.

Lion Koduri Ranga Rao is aware that nearly five million people are losing eye sight due to ignorance and lack of medical facilities. He has conducted and hosted many eye camp in his Lions Dist. Around 25 to 30 thousand patients were screened. The needy were provided with glasses Special camps for school children were also conducted. Having felt the need of an eye hospital in the upland area of EG. Dt., AP., he donated prime land for the eye hospital in Jaggampeta which is a nodal point for more than a 100 villages and neighbouring tribal & agency areas where there were no medical facilities and people had to travel 40 to 80 kms to reach for treatment. Besides donating such valuable land, he also donated huge amounts for the construction of the eye hospital, the land value and the monetary support amounted to Rs. 200 Lakh. For his services to promote Sight First Cause (to eradicate blindness) and encouraging the involvement of other donors, he was honoured as “NETRA-BANDHU” in 2004-2005 by the Lions Governor.

Wr. Ranga Rao jointed Walkers Club International, as considerate that the healthy society will be wealth in all aspects such as values, living standards, peaceful and progressive. He encouraged family planning programmes, initiated awareness drives regarding cleanliness and hygiene in remote areas. Hosted free vaccination programmes and tree plantation programmes. Performed guru poojotsavams, encouraging poor bright children giving scholarships and other amenities. He has renovated the ‘Aadarsa Sarswathi Sisu Vidyalayam’ in his tenure as president. He also served Walkers Club of Jaggampeta and for his qualities of service and concern for the well-being of the people around him, he was aptly honoured with the title “SEVBA RATNA” jointly by the members of the Walkers & Health Club Jaggampeta and the pople of Jaggampeta mandal.

The mothers International Organisation, India a reputed social organization has felicitated him, in the year, 2007, and awarded the title “SON OF INDIA”, recognizing his dedication, commitment and relentless services for the cause of social service and serving the needy (under privileged)

His commitment, dedication, sincerity, the qualities of undisputed leadership and his resilient readiness for service, made him the Lions District Governor unanimously for the year 2008-09. His slogan, “CARE THE UNCARED” as Lions District Governor highlights his commitment to the society. His concern is to of those unfortunate who are on the unsafe bank of the river of life, Unnoticed, Unhealed and Uncared for his programme “FEEL AND SHARE” initiated all of us having a heart which is capable of feeling for the less fortunate and by God’s grace, had enough to share with other and to develop the spirit of caring the uncared wipe a tear and help them wear a smile. In pursuit of his theme “EXCEL”, he urges all to develop a professional competence and cultivate the spirit of out shining others in their respective business/professions. In all endeavours to achieve quality, Ln. Koduri Ranga Rao, exhorts all to Excel, in their attempts to reach the needy and caring the uncared.

Wr. Koduri Ranga Rao is also associated with Alliance Clubs International and “Founder Chairman of ACIF (Alliance Clubs International Foundation)”. He introduced “SLF(Satish Lakhotia Fellowship)”, to a payee of Rs.10,000/- for fund raising and as well increasing the fellowship. Ally Ranga Rao rendered his services as “International Director – Charity” for three years. He is now serving as “Chair person – ACI South India Multiple Council” for the year 2016-2017.

Wr. Ranga Rao is a major donor and contributed lot for encouraging the fellowship as well heightening the image of our Elite Organisation through his service as the President, WHC-Jaggampeta and served the district as ZC-2006, DDG-2007, “Governor, Dist.-103” for the year 2012 and Dist. Chairperson from 2008-11 and A V P Area-1 for the year 2014 and now Member, Intnl. Council Committee for the year 2016-17.

Wr. Ranga Rao is happily married to a noble lady Smt. Subba Lakshmi on 9th Dec’1964 and peacefully surviving with wife, two sons, one daughter and seven grand children.